Message delivery failing

Message delivery failing

Post by Don O'Shaughness » Wed, 15 May 2002 06:16:13

Hi all;

I'm hoping someone here can point me in a more productive direction
than I've been plodding so far.

I have Small Biz Server set up and, for the most part, working fine. I
am now trying to send mail to a domain that I control on another
server, same subnet but not behind SBS, and for which I have declared
an MX of the target machine, but I keep getting this error message:

- - - - - start error message - - - - -
Your message

  Subject: test
  Sent:    Mon, 13 May 2002 12:45:35 -0400

did not reach the following recipient(s):

    The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message
was sent to.  Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient
directly to find out the correct address.
    < #5.1.1>
- - - - - end error message - - - - -

Now, I *know* the user exists 'cause I made it and the server is about
five feet to my right! What puzzles me is that I see the
< #5.1.1> reference, which is the machine on which I
have SBS, Exchange, ISASrv and everything configured. The mail seems
to be not even getting off this machine....

I've gone through several books including Osborne, Shinder and others,
but can find no hint of what tail is pinned to the wrong donkey here.
Anyone have a clue? I have none.

Don O'Shaughnessy


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Event Type: Warning
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Event ID: 4001
Date:  2001-02-05
Time:  19:37:55
User:  N/A
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Any help would be deeply appreciated



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