NEWS Server

NEWS Server

Post by Georg » Sat, 25 Jan 2003 02:53:24


Can anyone recommend a fairly simple how-to article for setting up a news
server on Exchange Server 5.5. It has a public IP, a www dns and a mail dns,
no news dns name. Hopefully I could access it thru the IP address without
having the ISP add a news dns record.

I am unable to access my ISP news server from my pc at work because my news
server only allows specified IP's, my IP at work is on a different ISP, so I
can only access my news server from home thru a dial-up assigned IP.

I do have access to an Exchange Server 5.5 with admin rights, running email
but not news. I would like to set it up to pass thru to news groups like
alt.lang.asm, etc. and use Outlook EXpress to read news but now I can only
do it thru the http such as Google groups.