Message sent to DL stuck in Categorizer

Message sent to DL stuck in Categorizer

Post by Roshan Quresh » Thu, 03 Apr 2003 08:25:08

I have two Distribution Lists in my GAL.  I can send to one of them, but
messages to the other get stuck in the Categorizer.  Any troubleshooting



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Am running Exchange 2000, latest service packs etc etc

I have a distribution group, which had an associated mailbox. This list
had a member - which was removed from the group.

Mail was still being sent to the group, but couldnt be sent to any
members of the group as there were no members accosiated with it for a
short time.

Tracking the messages in exchange manager shows that the messages have
been subitted to message categorizer, and then stops there.

Is there any way that I can view the messages that have gone to the
categorizer to extract them out of there and forward them onto the
relevant people ?

The members are now back in the distribution group and are recieving mail
fine - and no - going to the people to ask them to resend the email is
not an option :)

Any help would be great


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