OWA HTML files do not appear in public folders

OWA HTML files do not appear in public folders

Post by Dave Kessle » Thu, 23 Mar 2000 04:00:00

When using OWA and opening public folders, users cannot see html files. The
folder is there but the website/html file does not appear. When using
Outlook on the network here they are visible. Is there a fix for this or
have I not set up something right?
Thanks for any help.

1. OWA not displaying some folders properly (HTML appears)

Running E2K in a 2-node cluster with latest SPs installed.

OWA is working fine, except some folders do not show up properly.  Instead
they show up as HTML (see sample below).  The Inbox is always fine (at least
nobody has complained about this yet), just some, but not all, of the


From:  Sent:

ursor:hand;text-align: center;padding-left:3pxItem
:3%;cursor:hand;text-align: center;padding- [snip]

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