Event Log: OTS Exchange Agent

Event Log: OTS Exchange Agent

Post by Mike Mille » Sun, 18 Feb 2001 03:22:15

I just upgraded to SP4 on Exchange 5.5.  I keep getting this message in the
event log

Source: MSExchangeES
Category: General
EventID: 17

The handler "OTS Exchange Agent" could not be created.

I can't find anything on Microsoft.  Any ideas?  Where is a good place to
find solutions to these problems since Deja is gone...



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Can anyone please help me with this:
I have an Exchange 5.5/Sp5 server running on Windows NT 4/sp5

Recently, the following events have been logged on our Exchange 5.5/Sp5
server's Event Viewer:

Event ID: 9405
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Type: Error
Category: Field Engineering


An unexpected error has occurred which may cause the MTA to terminate.
Error: Double acquire of semaphore 2685
. [BASE XFER-IN 14] (16)

The MTA does not stop and we haven't experienced any other problems with our
email server (As far as I am aware).

I have searched Technet to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what is causing
this message?

Many thanks in advance

Kevin C

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