Server Monitor show non-existent Service!!

Server Monitor show non-existent Service!!

Post by Fletcher, Kevi » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have set up a Server Monitor to monitor a server and it is showing two
Services (PCMTA's) that I used to have but have long since deleted.  It
reports them as 'Version - Not available' and 'Status - Unknown'.

Why does it still see them and how do I fix this so that it doesn't
continue to report on services that no longer exist?


Kevin Fletcher


1. Non existent user showing up on Mailbox Resources - mailbox can't be deleted

I'm going through my exchange 5.5's mailbox resources info and found an
ex-employees mailbox.  This employee's user name has long been deleted but
his mailbox is still showing up in the resources.  When I try to delete the
mailbox or even view the properties, I get a message:

The object cannot be found in the directory.
This may be because replication has not completed.
Microsoft Exchange Directory
ID no: c1010aae

I've tried searching in the microsoft knowledgebase but the hits I received
were for public folders.  Any clues?  Help is much appreciated.  I'm trying
to do a bit of cleanup and this is bugging the hell out of me.

I'm getting multiple messages in the my event viewer


WEST-DOM\zAdministrator was validated as
/o=Techspan/ou=WEST/cn=Recipients/CN=NAIWESTWEST2 but was unable to log on

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