Exchange 2000 Event Service Event: An Unexpected MAPI Error Occurred

Exchange 2000 Event Service Event: An Unexpected MAPI Error Occurred

Post by jgshie » Mon, 10 Mar 2003 08:59:35

I lost power in my office for 3 hours, and my servers ended up going down,
now both of my Backend Mail servers will not start the event service. I
looked at tech doc, Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 265397. Any Ideas?



1. Event Service ID 5 (unexpected MAPI error)

I recently downloaded the autoaccept script & wizard from
I did not install the wizard but did use the supplied sample script (I can
post a copy if needed) to auto accept meeting requests for our conference
rooms. It was setup to run on four different mailboxes when a  new item is
received in the respective Inbox. The script does it's job, accepts/declines
as appropriate.

Ever since setting this up I have been getting an error on the Exchange
server, literally every minute, "An Unexpected MAPI error occured. Error
returned was [0x8004001]." the source is the MSExchangeES and the Event ID
is 5. The Event Scripting Service is not stopping (that I can tell) people
are scheduling meetings and the script appears to be working fine.

I've looked at MS site for help and the only thing I can find is article
Q236170 which seems to describe my problem but I installed SP3 several weeks
ago (originally ver 5.5 SP2) and the Events.exe file is the correct version.

Anyone else have this problem or have any idea how to resolve? It doesn't
seem to be causing a *problem* per se... load on our Exchange server is
still pretty light. But this error every minute (give or take 1 second
occasionally) has me real concerned.


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