Exchange Connectors

Exchange Connectors

Post by Rich Matheis » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

>Ok. here's the deal....all mail points to which is located in New
>York. All users have their pop server at Now, all 4 cities
>(Toronto,Los Angeles, etc), are connected via frame relay together. I need to
>install exchange in each city so that the users can log on to exchange
>locally and not through the frame relay network. Therefore exchange servers
>need to talk to New York and have the mail destined to the users in the other
>cities automatically transfered. All mail for every users MUST be

>my exchange server up in New York.

Once you've installed the other Exchange servers and moved contents of
the mailbox to the new server thing should work just fine. You'll need
a connector between the sites and they all must participate in
directory replication.

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Hello All,
I have a need to exchange e-mail with MS Exchange without the benefit of
SMTP protocol.  Is there a documented/published/useable API that would allow
me to develop a custom Connector, much as Lotus Notes Connector or Lotus cc:
Mail Connector ?
The web search did not reveal anything of a sort.
Any pointers will be gratefully received.
Please reply by e-mail if possible.


Michael Czapski

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