change domains

change domains

Post by jeff wilso » Thu, 01 Aug 2002 03:29:50

I would like to know how to move a exchange 5.5 server
from one domain to another domain.

change domains

Post by MIchael Abbaticchi » Thu, 01 Aug 2002 03:45:20

Are you planning on leaving the old domain around with a
full trust?  If not you will need to change your site
services account.  Microsft has a white paper on doing
this.  Start at my site, and
from there, click on the link that takes you to
Microsoft's site, where the white papers for Exchange
are.  Once you are comfortable with this, you can
proceed.  Remember not to break the trust between the old
domain and the new one, before you have completed the
procedure to change/add site services account.  The only
exception, would be when your Exchange server is also the

Michael Abbaticchio
MVP for Exchange Server

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>I would like to know how to move a exchange 5.5 server
>from one domain to another domain.


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