Password Prompt

Password Prompt

Post by Wesley » Sun, 24 Nov 2002 02:47:52

Hello Again,

I have a remote user using Windows XP and Outlook XP and we are trying to
configure her to use our new Exchange 2000 server.  We start to add the
exchange server and her mailbox and then hit check name and it prompts us
for a password.  Outlook then comes back and says the password you supplied
is incorect or the domain is incorect.  We even tried changing the users
password and still nothing.  All setting are correct.  She is able to map
drives from her computer so it IS authenticating her.  What could this be?
I am stumped!



1. Bypass OWA user/password prompt?

Is there a way to bypass the username and password prompts during OWA

I have a link to our OWA site on our company extranet. The username and
password to get into the extranet is the same as the Exchange/domain
password. I want to pass the username and password automatically without
prompting the user to enter in the credentials again.

There's got to be a way to do this and Microsoft isn't budging!



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