Web storage / web folders / accessing folders from the web

Web storage / web folders / accessing folders from the web

Post by Bert Kruizeng » Sat, 12 Jan 2002 19:03:24


Can anyone give me:
- documentation,
- information,
- web-links,
On how to setup & deploy web-folders, like the MEC2001 conference, so that
users can access folders from the internet as if they are using Explorer on
their own PC?
I can't find any useable information on the net apart from atricles
describing that it exists and that it can be used.

Can anyone: help me / have any experience with it.

Bert Kruizenga


1. Web Folders and the Web Storage System (WSS)

Is anyone successfully using Web Folders remotely with the WSS?  I have a
Win98 machine that I can access the folders with using Web Folders.  It
never even asks for a login name/password.  On a WinME/2000 machine,
however, I use 'My Network Places' and it works beautifully.  Any
suggestions?  Thx!

Wayne Kremer
Senior Applications Specialist
ClaimLogic, Inc.

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