Help! Exchange won't install properly

Help! Exchange won't install properly

Post by Ger Bruggema » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hello all,

problem: (W95 OSR2)
Mail (inbox) & Fax wil not setup.
Tried everything even install de- & rei-install it.
New setup from Windoze over the old one....
Nothing works.
Message: You need more memory or system recources.

Bull !
Even went that far that I closed all tasks but explorer (ctrl-alt-del)
Mail is visible in control panel.
Inbox on desktop, ut excange won't startup.
Tried to deleta postoffice & make  a new one.
even without it.
Nothing works.

Please help.

Ger Bruggeman.


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   we are facing the following problem:
We use the web frontend for exchange 5.5 since our envrionment here has
several different unix clients and we need to access data when on the
There is no problem viewing messages and the calendar through the
web-frontend, yet when selecting the public folder -> contacts, which
holds some company addresses, these are displayed as Mail messages
rather than as Contact sheets.
How can I configure a view for the html inteface which will display my
contacts as  address cards rather than mail messages.

Anyone else had this problem and a solution for it?

Best regards,
Richard Caelius
Richard Caelius                     eBox
Vordere Cramergasse 11              Agentur fuer neue Medien
90478 Nuernberg                     Telefon: +49(911)4244-514
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