Using Outlook Contacts as Address Book in Address Book View

Using Outlook Contacts as Address Book in Address Book View

Post by Egbert Alber » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I have the following Problem
After Installing the Outlook Addressbook Service the flag in the outlook
Contact Folder should automatically be set to ensure that this folder is
used as Address book.

This is needed for a complete unattended  installation of Outlook

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1. Sudden problems viewing Outlook Contacts in address book view

One user recently experienced that his Outlook Contacts (in exchange 5.5
account) no longer show up in addressbook view. The users Contacts folder
was huge (>5mb in bakcup size, but folder size 1021kb in folder size in
Oulook 2000).
It seem like his Contacts has corrupted, as it fuctions OK as a Contacts
folder, and as one can copy or move all addresses to a new folder with
contacts and make all of them show up in Adress Book view.
I have also tried to restore from Backup Exec Mailbox backup from dates
prior to this problem, but it seem to be stuck in the particular Contacts
Also completely emptying Contacts and adding one new item doesn't give any
Also copys of the Contacts have the same failure. And these vill not show up
even for other users.

Anyone have advice on how to solve this?? Or experienced the same??

Per Bratterud

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