IMS as site connector via linux relay

IMS as site connector via linux relay

Post by roni.. » Fri, 28 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I am trying to set up two exchange site and connect them over IMS. The sites
receive email using a linux mail relay. On the exchange servers I have
popbeamer running which downloads the messages from the linux and sends to
the exchange recipients. My problem is that after I have connected the sites
and set the linux relays as Site Connector's address I keep getting NDR
messages in the admin's mailbox for IMCEAEX adresses. It seems that every
time I send a message from one site to the other the message is sent with two
email addresses: SMTP address and IMCEAEX address. When I look in popbeamer's
log I see entries of the message arriving from the other site and popbeamer
tries to deliver it to the ESMTP (exchange smtp) server using both addresses.
The log shows that the ESMTP server accepts both addresses, but still I get
NDR for the IMCEAEX address. Can anyone help me on these?

    Roni Ziv

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