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We need to move 90 Exchange 5.5 users from an existing MS
Exchange 5.5 Environment (consisting of 1 Org, 2 Exchange
sites and 2 x Exchange servers) onto another MS Exchange
server located at another place.

A new Exchange 5.5 server had been configured with the
same OS (NT4 SP6a), same NT name but a different NT

The objective is to configure the Exchange 5.5 server so
that it is running with the same Private & Public
Information Stores and the same Global Address List

During certain stages of this moving project we will need
to reload the Public, Private and Directory information
stores from the customers source environment so that we
are always working with the current data.

We have built a new Exchange 5.5 server which is running
the same OS software and same levels of service pack (NT4
SP6a). We have installed Exchange 5.5 SP4 onto the server
and have run the install entering the same Org and site
information as the customers source migration environment.

We have obtained copies of the existing Public, Private
Information stores including the Exchange 5.5 directory
(GAL) on CD/DVD format.

We cannot configure the new Exchange 5.5 server so that
it is mirror of the source environment. As stated both
Exchange 5.5 environments are in completely different
Windows NT domains (separate networks, no direct LAN/WAN
connections, and no trust relationships between the two
NT domains).

We seem to be having problems with security and
permission's and we cannot configure the server to use
the same information stores and GAL.

Any guidelines is highly appreciated??



1. API : move user's mailbox does not move the mails


We have developed a command line tool on Windows NT 4 (service pack 6)
to be able to change some attributes in Exchange.
It's working fine except for a function that aims to move a user
mailbox. To implement the move function we basically change the
attributes "Home-MTA" and "Home-MDB". The API's reports OK and when we
look in the Exchange Admin user interface it looks OK too (the mailbox
has been moved correctly + the mailbox attributes are consistent). The
problem is that the mails contained in this mailbox were not moved at
all (in other words, they are lost).
The move function is working fine from Exchange Admin tool.
Has any body implemented such function before ? what did we miss ? any
tips ?

Thanks for your help.


PS : Please let me known if you think I should use another news group.

Didier Rossi
Bull Norway

====Code extract ======================================================
// Open the session

// Move mailbox function -> fill in the <attribute-name>
<attribute-value> structures
addAttributeToList( "Obj-Class",  "Mailbox", ...
addAttributeToList( "Common-Name",  "<mailbox-fullname>, ...
addAttributeToList( "Home-MTA",
MTA", ...
addAttributeToList( "Home-MDB",
Private MDB", ...

// Move mailbox function -> modify the attributes

// Close the session

The function "addAttributeToList"  fill in the Attribute-Name,
Attribute-Value structures (the standard function "MAPIAllocateMore" is

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