How To Filter

How To Filter

Post by Anderson Ferreir » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 01:53:26

How to filter for e-mail yahoogroups???


Anderson Ferreira


How To Filter

Post by Wizar » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 21:48:13

If you want to filter spesific e-mail addresses, you can take a look here:;EN-US;q276321

This is for Exchange 2000, by the way...


Quote:> How to filter for e-mail yahoogroups???

> thanks

> Anderson Ferreira


1. Spam filter (Norton a/v filtering)

Recently our company purchase Symantec AVF for exchange to
filter spam by subject and contents. ( dont know why
symantec but anyways)
So the install goes fine however when I try to access the
console for AVF, I get an error: 500 Internal server error.

This program uses web base control which use port 8081.
If you have any experience with Symantec avf, Can you help
me out here.

Is there any steps that I am missing?
Is this even a good filter compare to the other ones thats
been talked about?

Thank you

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