Email field in Detailed List - Public Folder

Email field in Detailed List - Public Folder

Post by Tony Adduc » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 00:48:13


Does anyone know how come one cannot edit the email
address field in the public folder? It is of type
Contacts... I can click in any other field when in the
mailing list view... but the email. When I open the
address book card for that contact it will save the email
address in the field.

I recently installed SP4 for exchange... but cannot prove
this problem started after that installation.



1. custom fields appear in different form fields for different public folders

We have created a custom contacts-form which is stored in the public forms
library on our exchange 2000 server.
The form is supposed to work similiarly on various public folders. The
folders contain the same set of custom fields as the custom form yet it
doesn't work for all workstations.

All users work with Outlook XP (10), german language version, some with SP1
but that doesn't seem to matter.
On some workstations, if I work in one public folder everything is OK but
when I change to another folder the custom field values show up in the wrong
This is not only a matter of the custom form but also shows in the
Contact-listing of the folder (if I add the custom fields with the column
When I close Outlook and start again using the second folder everything is
OK there but when I change back to the first the same errorneous field shift
takes place.

Any idea?

As I mentioned, this behaviour doesn't show on all workstations.

Our Workspace Setup is as follows:

2 Exchange 2000 Servers
Workstations with Windows XP and Office XP

Thanks for any suggestions,

Markus Wolff
muffin computer association

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