Using custom Forms in OWA

Using custom Forms in OWA

Post by shanno » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:21:37


running an E2K server with OWA. I have some custom forms
that I'd like to use with OWA on Windows 2000
clients/INternet Explorer for a particular public folder.
I've created the organizational forms library on the
server, and installed the form there. What next?
Is it even possible to run custom forms with OWA?
thanks for any advice!



1. Can Custom Outlook Form be viewed using OWA?

I'm new to exchange 2000, so there is still a lot of things I do not know.
Anyway, I have a Win2k server using Exchange 2000.

I created a custom outlook form and publish it into a public folder. So when that
folder accessed by outlook 2000, I can open the form but when using IE thru the
OWA, the form cannot be seen when opened.

I need to create a custom form that can be accessible thru outlook and the

So do I need to make some customization to the OWA to enable outlook custom form?

Thank You.

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