Long delay for Outlook connect when Primary Windows NT Account changed

Long delay for Outlook connect when Primary Windows NT Account changed

Post by John » Fri, 02 May 2003 04:33:46

There is a long delay (4+ hours) before Outlook 2002 can
connect to the Exchange 5.5 server (permissions issue),
after the Primary Windows NT Account is changed from
OldDomain\User1 to NewDomain\User1 in the Exchange
Administrator. Here is the config and situation:

User1 is getting a new pc named 'NewPC' - it's running
w2kpro & Outlook xp (2002).

There are 2 domains, NewDomain and OldDomain, with
exchange server 5.5 running on system ExchangeServer55,
which is a member server of OldDomain. NewDomain is W2K
mixed mode, and OldDomain is NT4. There is a properly
working 2 way trust between them. All groups & user
accounts from OldDomain have been migrated to NewDomain
with NetIQ (new accounts with same parameters & groups).

NewPC is a member of NewDomain.

The Primary Windows NT Account item in the Exchange
profile for User1 on ExchangeServer5.5 was
OldDomain\User1. When trying to switch to NewPC, it is set
to NewDomain\User1 in Exchange Administrator:
\Server Recipients\User1)

User1 logs into NewPC as NewDomain\User1.

The Outlook profile sets up properly on NewPC (check name,
etc), but when Outlook is launched, it says Outlook cannot
start services: you do not have the right to logon. I wait
a few to several hours, and then try it, and it works!
What is the delay involved, and how can I reduce it, or
cause the thing to happen immediately?

Thank you,
John Duncan


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