OWA w/SSL Prompts users to login twice

OWA w/SSL Prompts users to login twice

Post by Darryl Hollingswort » Thu, 14 Nov 2002 03:41:54

I have Exchange 5.5 OWA installed and functioning on a
front-end IIS 5.0 (Windows 2000) Server. We are using SSL
with Basic clear text authentication enabled on the
Exchange (SSL required, ignore client certifcates
checked). When I attempt to login to
https://server.companyname.com/exchange/logon.asp I am
prompted to login. After the intial login, I must enter my
credentials a second time afterwards which everthing works
fine (can access the mailbox). The problem is I do not
want users to have to enter their credentials twice. I
have set the default website to allow anonymous
connections but still this problem persists any ideas?


Darryl Hollingsworth


1. Users get prompted twice accessing OWA

A few days ago I had to replace my domain security
policy.  This resulted in users not being abot to access
their mailboxes through OWA (IIS4 on NT4 server w/Exchange

I have reset the IUSER_COMPUTERNAME pswd and it has local
logon rights.

I have not touched any file permissions - they are as they
were before this mess started.

When I open the MMC and go to the default web site
Exchange folder properties, if I enable anonymous access
and Windows NT Challenge/Response - none of the users are
prompted with a logon - they are immediately directed to
the yellow page - no authentication occurs!!  Anyone can
see any user's account!

I managed to do some quick patchwork - which is as follows:
- on the IIS exchange virtual directory security I only
have Basic Authentication checked. I had to also allow
Authenticated Users to log on locally to the machine.
- this has resulted in two authentication prompts - one as
soon as the ip address url is entered and then another
after the logon id is entered at the yellow owa page.

Is there any simple way to put OWA back to the original
state of just one login prompt at the yellow page??

Any help would be appreciated.


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