Internet News Outbound Failure

Internet News Outbound Failure

Post by Mike Shappel » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have successfully setup a couple of internet news feeds;
one from betanews and the other from msnews.  I receive
messages on both feeds.  However, when I respond (post)
a message to the newsgroup, it appears locally, but it is
not sent to the remote host.  The event log contains a 441
error message indicating that the message was rejected by
the host.  The error text says it tried to post to the message
to the newsgroup with a "(null)" name.

The first question is: What do I need to change/do to get
outbound messages to successfully post.

Second, if I got to "site" configuration and select protocols
there is an entry for NNTP.  If I open the properties for this
protocol and select control messages, I receive an error. I
am informed that the public folder does not exist or hasn't
been replicated to this server yet.  There is only one mail
server so it shouldn't be a replication problem.

Second question: What do we need to do to get the contol
message tab working correctly?

Mike Shappell
Outerware, Inc.


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I have set up INS on our Exchange 5.5 server. Up until last week everything
was fine - incoming messages were being pulled, outgoing messages were being
sent. Now outgoing messages are not being sent. No settings have been
changed. The Event Viewer reports: "Failed to establish outbound connection
to <NEWS SERVER>. News will be resent later.".

Could somebody please shed some light on the problem? How can I monitor
outbound news messages (like the "Queue" in IMS)?




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