From address on returned mail from exchange 2000 hosting multiple domains

From address on returned mail from exchange 2000 hosting multiple domains

Post by JM » Sat, 15 Mar 2003 00:36:14

We are hosting multiple domains on our Exchange 2000 server.
Everything works fine as far as receiving and sending email.  But when
someone sends an email to one of our domains that doesn't have a valid
email address it always sends the bounce reply back as the admin of
our primary domain.  For example

failure.  Is there any way to have the reply come from the that email
domain they sent the email to?

We are using the Default Policy under Recipients, and then have all of
our domains listed under the E-mail Addresses tab.  I think this is
where the issue would be, you'd have to create Recipient Policies for
all the domains?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I am having issues with the return path header in messages coming from my
exch2k (sp2) server that is running as a hosted environment.

I am hosting for multiple domains, and have set up users with multiple email
addresses pointing to the same mailbox, the reason for this is to make it
quicker and easier for them to have outlook web access.
If I look at any of the messages sent from these users, and look at the
return-path in the message header, it will show the return path as the email
address for the root domain, not their domain. ie.

Root domain is the domain the servers are members of.
    Userdomains are the hosted domains for the other users.

the message header, which in my eyes is incorrect. When looking at their


Any ideas? I want it to always show only the users own domain, ie.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Tim

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