Restricting Inbound Internet Mail

Restricting Inbound Internet Mail

Post by Mike Teppe » Tue, 14 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I have the following:

2 connected sites in different domains (same E-mail Org.) connected via the
Internet Mail Service.  Directory Replication happens across this

I am looking for a way to cut off all inbound internet mail, except for the
connected site listed in the Internet Mail Service.  That is, I need the IMS
to function so I can get Directory replication information and e-mails
within the organization, but do not want any e-mails from an external

Could the "routing restrictions" button serve this purpose, or does this
only apply to re-routing?  How about "Connections" tab?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,


1. Restricting InBound mail for SMTP Recipients in Internet Mail Connector

I'm having an Internet Mail connector on Exchange Server 5.5
IMC is configured for selective recipients for outbound mails.

But, this configuration is not restricting any inbound mails for
recipients. I want to restrict that also.
When i checked in Microsoft Knowledge base, i found an article ( Q154542
 ) which states that this by design of Exchange server 4.0

I need help regarding this.

I want to restrict inbound mails through Internet mail connector for
selective recipients.

Vijaya Sankar.K

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