Exchange and MS Mail Gateway for Fax

Exchange and MS Mail Gateway for Fax

Post by RCL Media & Entertainment Gmb » Thu, 03 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I'm running NT 3.51 SP5 and exchange 4.0 with SP3 installed

I'm trying to fax through the ms mail connector to the ms mail gateway to
fax. i have installed the gateway access for fax on the ms mail connector.
sending normal mail through the connector is no problem but i cant address
fax addresses. when i want to address a new fax address, there are only the
following types: micosoft mail address, mac mail address, internet address,
x.400 address, other address and personal distribution list but no fax
address. what is the problem?

Is there somebody who has running this configuration who can tell me
something about the proper installation?

Thanks, Ron Luginbuehl, Switzerland


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Can anyone help with a problem I have using Exchange with MS Mail fax
gateway. Although the fax gateway works fine for sending text messages,
when I send an attached file either TXT or DCF or PCX which are all
accepted by the Gammafax card, it only send the cover page, a opage
describing the attachment and tan a blank page. So it is loosing the
attachment somewhere but I can not find where.

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