Looking for an exchange scripting resource.

Looking for an exchange scripting resource.

Post by Keith Mishkin » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have a very small scripting task to perform...Yet it is still beyond me.

I have message journaling enabled.  I have to find a way to process the
rather cumbersome journal directory.  I would like to write a script that
fires when new messages are added to the Journal folder.  The script would
parse the sender along with the recipients.  The script should compare each
entry to a Mailing list.  IF there are no matches,...delete the message.
For each match,  it should create a folder below the Journal folder (If it
is not already there) and copy the message to the folder.  At the end of the
process...delete the message.

Anyone have some code handy or know of a resouce who could help out with


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Thanks in advance!


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