Modify form used in Public folder

Modify form used in Public folder

Post by HW » Fri, 22 Feb 2002 10:42:19


How can I make everyone see the same form I changed in the public folder?
Also is there any way to make the view of a calender in public folder same
for everyone?



1. Forcing a modified form to be used when posting in a public folder

I am creating an Exchange application that relies on a modified Contact form
I created and published in a public folder.

I have set the "Only use forms listed above" option on the folder's
properties, but for some reason it always brings up the original Contact
form when you click New and doesn't seem to mind you posting it there even
though it is stated that it should not be used.

Could someone shed some light on what I might be doing incorrectly, as this
project relies on user-defined fields I created in the modified form to work

Thanks for your help!

Keith Beers
Systems Administrator
Telocity, Inc.

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