Anonymous Submissions

Anonymous Submissions

Post by Craig Heckma » Sat, 01 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Found a short blurb in some Exchange info that says you can create a public
folder and all items posted will have the sender's name replaced with
"anonymous".  Great.  How do you get this to work?

thanks in advance.



1. Anonymous submissions to a Public Folder problem

I've setup a public comment folder so that users can post anonymous
suggestions. I've created a mail account called Anonymous, and a custom post
form that has that account defaulted in the From: field. Domain Users have
been given Send-As permissions (not send on behalf of permissions) on the
Anonymous account.

When users post from the Suggestions public folder, this form is the
default. If they don't change the From: account, it should be posted with
Anonymous as the sender. What actually happens is that Anonymous shows up as
the sender when you browse messages in the folder, but when you open a
posted message, this is what you get: "From:  Drew Murphy on behalf of
Anonymous Suggestion". That's not what I call an anonymous submittal.

This only seems to happen with postings. When a mail message is sent to the
folder instead, the From: field dutifully reports Anonymous as the sender.
Does anyone know why a post message would be any different than a mail
message in this regard?

Thanks for your help,


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