event ID 116, OLEDB

event ID 116, OLEDB

Post by Neal » Wed, 30 Apr 2003 14:45:13

I have been able to find that many people are having this problem, but no
one seems to have a good solution.

This has been happening to us for about four weeks now, and the boss is
getting frustrated, and he looks at me.  Does anyone know what to do to fix
this?  We can restart the system attendant service, and the problem goes
away for a while, but then we have to do it all over again.  Any help
appreciated.  So far, we have reinstalled Exchange 2000, re applied SP3,
rebuilt the recipient service (many times), applied the post SP3 Exchange
hotfix, rebooted the server 20 times in the last four weeks, cried.

Microsoft Exchange OLEDB was unable to initialize event system correctly.
Support for store event may have been disabled. HRESULT = <0x80040e37>. For
more information, click http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp.


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Is it safe to use the Win2k defragemnt tool on a Exchange
5.5 sp4 installation.  

If so, should this be done only when Exchange is offline.

Oh, and will this help anything at all if I can???

State of the world:
I have Exchange 5.5 sp4 installed to a new win2k server
box.  I am getting application event source errors ese97,
event 160 (failed online derfragment of priv.edb.  I am
also getting event id errors 116 on the private.edb
(checksum errors).  I received the same error on an older
nt 4. sp6 box (suspected bad hardware controller), moved
the files offline, to the new win2k server, reinstalled
with the same name, site, etc.  I guess I just moved the
corrupt database from one server to a newer server.  
Eseutil reported orphaned long values in the priv.edb.

Thanks for any help at all.


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