a newbie: Outbound NNTP newsfeed resending all messages????

a newbie: Outbound NNTP newsfeed resending all messages????

Post by administarto » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi there techno's a newbie question for you.

I've set up my exchange server with a inbound pull and outbound post NNTP
newsfeed (to and from msnews.microsoft.com)

I've switched on the diagnostics logging ON to monitor what the thing is

Do I get it clear from the entries in the event viewer that *every* pulled
message is reposted to the original server (and getting the reply that the
server already knows it) ???

Or is it a configuration mistake on my part?

Please enlighten me

Wouter de Waard


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For some reason, at 11:00 PM CDT the CPU on our Exchange 5.5 SP2, NT SP5
news server hit 100% and wouldn't go down.  This was directly related to the
outbound newsfeed (when I disabled it, CPU fell).  I deleted the feed and
recreated it and things were fine (although I'm not sure posts were going
out, the Event Viewer showed messages that they were) all day.  Last night
at 4:00 AM CDT same thing happened.  Inbound articles are being received and
posted to public folders fine.  The only thing that changed on the server
was I unsubscribed to about 10 newsgroups and our firewall had been down the
first time for about 30 mins.

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