Problems booking a resource due to free + busy information

Problems booking a resource due to free + busy information

Post by Dian » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 02:17:49

Users in one site location are unable to reserve meeting
rooms(resources)in their site as well as all the other
sites in our company.  The system used to work then
suddenly the users at the one site location started
getting the message "Unable to display free busy
information.  You do not have permission to create a
message in the folder.  Your are unable to directly book a
resource for this meeting." when they tried to invite a
conference room as a resource.

When we look in our Exchange System Folders, the free +
busy information for that one location, the replication
history is blank.  It looks as if free + busy replication
is taking place everywhere else but this one site.

No significant changes were made to any servers in our

Any suggestions as to what this problem might be?  Thank


1. Free / Busy Exchange ( SEND / RECIEVE Free/Busy Information ) problems

exchange 5.5 sp3

outlook 2000

under outlook send/receive there is an option to send/receive free/busy
information ( I would assume this means NOW, not in the default 15
minutes. )

however it is grayed out..

anyone know how to enable this?

What are others doing for quicker free/busy information published?  doesn't
it cause confusion if someone tries to schedule a resource within the same
15 minutes?? I have changed to 5 minutes, but don't know if it will
adversely affect the network performance.



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