Newbie needs help

Newbie needs help

Post by Chris Freel » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 04:00:44

I will do my best to answer some of your questions.

The first thing you need to do is click on Start, Run and type in mmc.  This
will open the Management console.  Next click on the console button on the
upper left and choose add/remove snap-in.  Click on the add button and add
the services that you want to control and save it to the desktop.  The
services I would recommend are Active Directory users and Computers, DHCP,
DNS, Exchange, Indexing Service, Services, and whatever else you think you
will need.   Next to answer a few of your questions.


2)  click on the AD users and computers, click on action and add a new
container.  Name the container something like your company name or site,
then click on the container you created and right click inside it and choose
new user.  Then you can configure your users.  Next go to the properties of
that user and modify any additional properties.  Also once inside the
container click on The view button and check the advanced button.

3)    To much to write out so just go and pick up a couple of books.
Microsoft Press ISBN#0-7356-1028-2, ISBN#0-7356-0938-1

That should give you a place to start.


> Hi there,

> Apologies if these questions have been answered before but I do not
> know the answers !

> I'll give a brief background first- I have three PCs at home.  Until
> yesterday evening I had WinGate (modem sharing), FTGate (mail server)
> and ZoneAlarm (firewall) running on a Windows 2000 Professional
> machine acting as a 'server' (it isn't used as a workstation).  I was
> able to collect and send email on my other Win2000 Prof client and
> Win98SE client by simply specifying the server IP address of
> in the pop3 and smtp servers of whichever email client was
> being used (Agent and OutLook 2000 respectively).

> I have to learn about Windows 2000 server for work, specifically Small
> Business Server 2000.  So last night I did a complete install of SBS
> 2000 including Exchange Server, ISA Server, RIS, Terminal Services,
> etc - in short everything I will need to learn about over the next few
> months.  And now I'm stuck fast with the following [probably minor]
> problems :-

> 1. How do I add an external email address eg

> everyone in the domain/ active directory gets to see it ?

> 2. How does a user add one ?

> 3. I have my own domain of "" and I collect email for

> are in England whereas I am in New Zealand and they are NOT a local
> user. How do I setup this mail re-direction in Exchange server ? (I do
> this for four family members still in the UK)

> 4. Why doesn't my modem actually disconnect after the 5min idle
> timeout specified in the dial-up connection.  This worked fine with
> FTGate/ WinGate but now it just stays online !

> Thanks for advance for helping me out here.  I have ZERO previous
> knowledge of servers or exchange so I'm in the deep end a bit here !
> Please be quite specific with any advice you might have.

> Please reply via email, if possible, though I will try to check back
> in the group...

> Or, of course, point me in the right direction for a web-based
> tutorial or guide...

> Cheers,
> --
> Jeffrey D. Preou

> ICQ #   33053467
> Hamilton, New Zealand


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