Clients can't see new mail arriving

Clients can't see new mail arriving

Post by Lori William » Fri, 13 Mar 1998 04:00:00

A few strange things have been surfacing from some of my Exchange clients.
It seems that when new mail comes in, no notification is generated - UNLESS
they click out of the Inbox and then click back in.  This problem is popping
up on a number of client machines, and am wondering why this is happening.

Is there something on the server-side that I need to look into or is it an
Exchange 5.0 client bug?

Any help resolving this problem is greatly appreciated.
Lori Williams


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I have a win2k system with sp1. It also has exchange 5.5 sp3. Alls well,
until I upgraded it to e2k. Clients using outlook 2000 are having a very
strange problem. When one sends a mail to himself or another recipient, it
does not notify in outlook. the user has to either click on the inbox and
switch from one folder to another. as soon as he does that, it notifies him
of new mail.

why do you think this happens. it all started after the upgrade to e2k. any
suggestions are welcome.



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