Problem with Exchange and RAS

Problem with Exchange and RAS

Post by Jeff MacDonal » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Running Exchange 5.5 sp2 on NT4 sp5.  Dedicated Dial-up account.  Running
great for two weeks now during dial up get error in application log that the
line is busy.  It keeps trying and eventually brings down the server.
Reboot and will dialup fine a couple times and then starts again.  Are there
changes I can make in the IMC connection or should I attribute the problem
to the ISP?  Why does it bring down the system?  Services get sluggish,

1. Exchange MTA/Ras problem, please help

I hope that someone can assist me with this puzzling problem.  I have an
exchange 5.5 server that is connecting via RAS to several other remote
servers via the MTA.  The server dials into each site and delivers and
receives messages.  The issue I'm having is that some messages are
constantly getting looped between my server and the remote server.  When
this happens, the MTA never disconnects the RAS session.  I have to manually
hang up the connection.  Once I do this, the only way to get the MTA to
start again is to stop and start the service.  Once I do this, the modem
instantly dials, but goes back into the same loop.  Anyone have any



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