can not connect to server off domain

can not connect to server off domain

Post by Yan Zho » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi there,

I have a NT 4.0 wks and server both running in the same subnet, i.e.,
the TCP/IP
for the wks is a1.ww.xx.yy.zz and that for the server is a2.ww.xx.yy.zz.

But when I installed NT, I asked the NT server to be a PDC of a new
domain A.
And the NT wks stays in a workgroup B of domain C which is NOT part of
the domain A.

 I recently set up my Exchange 5.5 (with SP2) server on top of the NT
(with SP4) server. The workstation tries to run Outlook97 to connect to
Exchange server,  but it keeps complaining that
"The Exchange Server is unavailable...". I look into the
Outlook.prf file, the setting for "Server" is OK, i.e., my Exchange
server name.

However, if I change my NT wks to be a member of the domain A, it is

So, what is the problem ? Do I have to establish domain trust
between domain A and C ? If so, any domain wants to send email to the
server has to be established such trust relationship ?

Any hint is greatly appreciated.

              Yan Zhou


1. Cannot connect to off-site Exch. server

I have recently started working for a state agency that gets its e-mail
from an Exchange server via a T1.  It seems my predecessor was unable to
configure the LAN to receieve e-mail using Exchange service.  Instead,
all profiles were set up with Internet e-mail service.  The Exchange
server crashed two weeks ago and with the new configuration the Internet
e-mail service will not connect.

I am currently working on properly configuring our server and
workstations to use the Exchange service.  I have gotten the IP
addresses from the Exchange admin, however, I have been unsuccessful in
connecting to the mailboxes.

I can ping the Exchange server (10-20 ms response time) so I know that I
am connected, I just can't get any e-mail.

Here are the facts:
Connected to Exchange server via T1, but bypasses the server
NT 4.0 server
NT 4.0 workstation with Outlook
I have the name of the Exchange server in the profile

Here's what I need to know:
I have one IP address that I can ping successfully.  Where (in protocols
under Network) do I need to put that IP address?

What other issues could be preventing access to the mailboxes?

Thanks in advance,

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