Exchange Email Lists?

Exchange Email Lists?

Post by Gordon Durgh » Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Anyone know a good email group I can join for Exchange 5.5?. Thanks

Exchange Email Lists?

Post by Chris Schar » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Anyone know a good email group I can join for Exchange 5.5?. Thanks

There's a mailing list mentioned in the FAQ, but I don't know if I'd
call it good. A few others listed at

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1. Server-side Exchange email list manager (extracted from exlist)

I have been able to extract out the VBScript code that seems to have made up
the bulk of the EXList tool from the BORK, and I am wondering if anyone
would be interested in working on coming up with some documentation on
installing the 4 pieces manually with me..

Since "EXLIST" didn't require an external app to remain running all the
time, I assumed it was all in VBScript and since there weren't any files
external to the main installer EXE I guessed that they had been stored
inside the EXE itself and running the unix tool for viewing text embedded in
executable code showed this to be true. The complete VBScript for all four
parts of the list manager were inside along with what I assume are the
default text messages it would use for the emailed help file & list welcome
messages.. I haven't looked at the scripts to see what method they use to
access these other text snipets, whether they were expected to have been
inside a certain message that was used as a template or something else..

It seems to me that the "installer" app is likely the main compatibility
issue, not the vbscript code for the agents, and anyway having the agents as
seperate files will make it possible to patch whatever bugs are in them..

If you'd like to help I would love to hear from you, but since this was part
of the BORK I'd need to have some way of knowing you had the original EXE so
I wasn't passing on something that hadn't been paid for.. (yes I know, it's
unsupported software that is multi-year old, but still)..


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