Change permissions on LDAP directory using LDAP client v3

Change permissions on LDAP directory using LDAP client v3

Post by Microsof » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00


   I am attempting to use a standard LDAP v3 client to not only look at the
exchange user directory but make changes to it.

  If I'm an administrator on the system, it allows me to do everything but
change the "Reports To:" field.  Any other permission setting allows what
appears to be read only.

  Where can I set permissions to allow a specific end user permissions to
change the exchange user database using exchange without giving them admin


Tony Duncan

Concentric Network


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I am using Messageware(3.0) from Nexor (GB). I have tried the following
articles from Technet:
 How to authenticate for LDAP Acess (Q182507)
How to setup Container Level Search Control(Q182902)
Access Directory Through LDAP When Search Control is Set(Q192306)

And I only have choice to let the users to access the whole Global Address
List or nothing.
There is no way I can give access to only one Address Book views that I've

I tried also with the Microsoft LDAP client for Outlook 98, same problem.

Exchange 5.5 SP2
Outlook 98
Workstation NT 4.0 SP3 +Hotfix Y2K

DOes any one had tried it before me!

Many Thanks!

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