Out of the office Exchange 2000 / 5.5 problems

Out of the office Exchange 2000 / 5.5 problems

Post by LF » Sat, 28 Dec 2002 01:53:32

Out of the office doesnt work between exchange 5.5 and exchange 2000, in
the same site.
If i put an out of the office in exchange 2000 client, an exchange 5.5
client doesnt receive the message. If i put in exchange 5.5 it works.

Strange, because theres a note in MS Site (Q317974) that teels to do a
change in x.400 conector, im not using x.400 conectors. just the service
like smtp.

Anyone can help... please



1. E2K SMTP Time outs like Exchange 5.5?

        Under the Exchange 5.5 IMC/IMS there are various SMTP
        timeout parameters available in the registry under
        such us SMTPWaitForDataBlock, SMTPWaitForDataTermination,
        et al. These controlled how long the IMC would wait at
        various stages of the SMTP dialog. Does anyone know if
        there is anything similar under E2K?
Harold March
Systems Technology Architect
Information Technology
CMC Electronics Inc.

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