Interorg sync tool initialization mdb problem.

Interorg sync tool initialization mdb problem.

Post by Scott Egger » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 06:40:22

I am installing the interorg tool to do directory sync
between 2 different organizations.  I was able to get it
to work in our test system but not the production system.  
Both systems are running the same MDAC version 2.7 and
exchange versions.  Production system is running NT4sp6a
and test system win2k sp2. Production system soon to be
win2k.  The interorg tool service runs but the master
service does not pick up the mail and process from the
inbox.  On startup I get the following error in the ID

InterOrg: CMasterMail::Initialize Error - Open Default MDB
InterOrg: CMasterMail::MailData Error - fatal - Unable to
create Master inbox object

TO me this looks like an ODBC or mdac problem, even though
both systems have the same mdac version 2.7.

We are hoping the win2k upgrade of the production system
fixes the problem, if it doesn't not sure??

Any ideas?


Interorg sync tool initialization mdb problem.

Post by Slarty Bartfas » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:00:24

I had trouble getting InterOrg to work. I eventually just
sent our other company a copy of our GAL in CSV form.

Slarty Bartfast


1. InterOrg Sync Tool - Tool of Frustration

I recently purchased bork 2 in order to get the InterOrg Sync tools and am
having some problems getting it configured. Here is the basic setup

Winnt 4.0 sp3
Two dell 6300 45gig hdd 2 gig ram
Two exchange servers running 5.5 with sp1 (each in its own domain and
Both configured with IMS and I'm able to send mail between the two orgs just

I need to be able to exchange directory information between both

Here is the ?/?'s:

When I configure the master service do I give the requestor email address of
the mailbox local to my organization or the remote one?

When I configure the requestor service do I give the master email address of
the mailbox local to my organization or the remote one?

Finally I'm a little confused about when I should be using my x.400 names.
In one section of the instructions it says it only transports using smtp
address, yet in another it states if the master and requestor are on the
same exchange server I should config using x.400 (or at least MS slant on
If this is the case how does the interorg sync tool know what mailbox to
deliver the mail and at what server?

  ***Please email with responses. We sometimes have problems getting nntp at
work ***

Thanks in advance
-Vijay Sammeta

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