Automating Mailbox Cleanup?

Automating Mailbox Cleanup?

Post by Rich Matheis » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>Is it possible to automate the mailbox cleanup function to, say, delete
>all read emails over 30 days once a month?

The Mailbox Cleanup Agent will do this. See the BackOffice Resource
Kit, Release 2 (I think there's a problem with that if you use
Exchange 5.5, but I haven't verified that).

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1. I cannot cleanup mailbox with cleanup tool

Hi guys,

When I start the cleanup tool to remove old files from a
user on our exchange server (5.5 SP4), the tool starts
working and shows a progress bar and finishes without an
error. But when I look in the Mail box resource (in PI on
server) nothing has changed. When I run the tool again on
the same user, the tools runs much quicker, but still no
change in the number of files or size of the mailbox.

According to the documentation and books this is a
straight forward tool. Is it possible that my exchange is
corrupt or that I have another setting somewhere that
prevent me from cleaning up?

Any tips or hints,

Thanks in advance,


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