OWA and auth.

OWA and auth.

Post by Terry » Wed, 30 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I have setup OWA (SP3) on Proxy Server 2.0 on Win2K SP1...(The Exchange
server is on a seperate NT 4.0 Server running SP6 and SP3 for exchange)  I
can get to the OWA site from the internet but I cannot get any further than
that, it gives me a " The Microsoft Exchange server is down or the HTTP
service has been disabled by an administrator". It even does this for my
administrator account. I have followed all the Microsoft setup guides and
went over the troubleshooting guide. I am sure it has something to do with
permissions but I am not sure where else to look

Thanks in advance for the help


1. OWA, CDO auth in ASP

Here's the quick and dirty.

I'm in OWA. Let's say a username and password (already autheticated against
the domain controller) are in the session. I already have a way to bypass
the mailbox screen*, but I want to stop the logon box from popping up on the
browser side and go right into the mailbox.

I tried installing a COM object that changes the security context of the
thread running the ASP page. I tried a couple of differnt products including
ASPUser. Although I changed to the right user, I still did not have access
to the inbox.

Does anyone have any ideas about why this won't work or what strategies
should work? Do I have write a new COM object to authenticate using whatever
whacky scheme that Exchange has? Does it sound like my Exchange box is effed
up? Are there any ideas out there?


* (In logon.asp, I check for the session variable. If I have it, I do a
redirect to logonfrm.asp which is where I end up had the form loaded and
been submitted. Then in logonfrm.asp, I check for the session variable again
and proceed normally. It works fine and I don't really have to touch the way
OWA works.)

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