DL: Which recipients did not receive?

DL: Which recipients did not receive?

Post by Research Service » Thu, 09 Sep 1999 04:00:00

When you have a Distribution List (containing local Exchange users and other
Internet email addresses) - how can you determine which users did not
receive the email when you get a return message from the Exchange
Administrator claiming that "one or more recipients did not receive this

Can an end user determine this?  Or can only Exchange Admins track this

Does the method of finding out who didn't get the email differ if this is a
DL in the GAL or a (private) DL in the user's Contacts?


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For the past few days, every time someone in my company
sends a message to a distro list, every Internet custom
recipient in that list receives that message 5-6 times.
Regular recipients homed on that server (Our only exchange
server) only receives the message once.

We have a single Exchange 5.5sp4 server running on NT4

Any ideas?

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