OWA Reverse Proxy- Reply issue

OWA Reverse Proxy- Reply issue

Post by system200 » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:14:32

I have Microsoft Proxy 2.0 running as a firewall.  I have
Exchange 5.5 running inside through a reverse proxy.  OWA
works fine inside.  But externally users can't reply or
forward.  The error they get is "403 Forbidden" Any
ideas?  I believe the issue lies with a permission
somewhere on Proxy since internal OWA works fine.  However
we still get this error externally even when we set the
permissions on Proxy to give the user "full control".
Any ideas?

1. Exchange 2000 OWA through Apache reverse proxy

I am setting up an Exchange 2000 OWA server in my lan, which needs to
be accesible to the outside world. For this purpose, I have an Apache
server acting as a reverse proxy in the following way:

(INTERNET) --> (FIREWALL) --> (APACHE) --> (Exchange OWA)

I set up Apache reverse proxying by using the following directives:

         ProxyPass         /exchange  http://myserver/exchange/
         ProxyPassReverse  /exchange  http://myserver/exchange/

What happens is that after authenticating with OWA, the outside client
tries to connect directly to http://myserver/exchange instead of doing
it through the proxy server. This seems to be due to a redirect from
Exchange Server.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?
Please e-mail me copy of your responses.

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