Mail will not deliver to Public Folders

Mail will not deliver to Public Folders

Post by Eric Dal » Tue, 17 Sep 2002 23:09:56

Can anyone shed light on this Exchange 5.5 SP4 problem ?

I have a number of Public Folders which people send email
to internaly and from external addresses. Up until last
week all was ok until a few users called saying that mail
was not getting into the folders from any source.

I had a look in the Admin console and all looked normal.
By chance, on one of the problem folders i Unticked
the "Hide from address book" box and mail was able to send
to the folders after this. But as soon as you tick the box
all mail cannot be delivered.
This box has always been ticked before and mail was
arriving into the folders with no problems.

Also users do not get an "Undeliverable" mail back.

Any help on this much appreciated,

Eric Daly.
Bord Gais.


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