Exchange Performance Monitors Counters (MCSE's Only No Time Wasters Please.) thank you.

Exchange Performance Monitors Counters (MCSE's Only No Time Wasters Please.) thank you.

Post by Devonport Management L » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction where I can find
the Exchange Performance Monitors Counters Minimum/acceptable

I have looked at many books and scanned many Web sites with little
reward. What I want to do is get this type of answer..

The acceptable thresold for this counter is "xxx" where x is the
counter threshold.

Most books tell you to install exchange run load sim and run perfmon
from there to get your counter thresolds. However this is floored and
has too many assumptions, because how do you know if your server isn't
overloaded already..etc.

We have 13 Exchange servers rolling out soon so I need some guidance
on Exchange Performance Monitors Counter Thresolds. I don't want to
have to put my finger in the air and say ....oh that must be that

Colin Leach MCP


1. Performance Monitor and message counters on Exchange

Hi all, I have a doubt about some counters on a environment thats is
all Exchange 5.5 that Im monitoring to get some statistics. It
envolves this:

1- Object: MSExchangeIS Private. The counter is "Messages Sent" and
the explanation on PerfMon is "Messages Sent is the total number of
messages sent to other storage providers via the message transfter
agent (MTA) since startup." that is not very clear if I compare this
counter with another (the number 2 below)
2- Object: MSExchangeMTA. The counter is "Outbound Messages Total" and
the explanation on PerfMon is "Outbound Messages Total is the total
number of messages transmitted since MTA initialization."

The doubt is about the results for the data collected from the
counters on number 1 and 2. Well, the results for those counters on
the same Time Window is 43614 for counter number 1 and for the counter
2 is 165625. I didnt get the ideia, because if like said the
explanation for counter 1, is the total mesages sent to MTA, so it
should be delivered for another Exchange Server or gateways, fine. The
problem appears when I see the counter number 2 and I dont know how
to read it, becuase it seems very similar with number 1, but the
number is really bigger than 1. How can the outbound messages have a
value greater than those that is directed from the IS to the MTA?

I searched on many technet articles and google for a explanation but I
didnt find it.

Any explanations for this case?
Thanks, Eduardo.

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