Problems with Calenders and Public Folders

Problems with Calenders and Public Folders

Post by Corne Hokk » Sun, 18 Apr 1999 04:00:00

We're running Exchange 5.0 and use Outlook 97/98 as mail software.
All the calenders of our employees have been copied to a Public Folder
and the original Calender icon was removed from the outlook shortcut's.
Then we placed the copied calender into that same outlook bar.

The following happens, when I make an appointment in this shared calender
and want to invite a colleague of mine, then after he agreed the appointment
'standard' mailbox calender is updated and not his shared calender *HELP*.

Does anyone know I can avoid this from happening, cause we have a great use
in our shared calenders, but it's very frustating to move your appointments
ever time.

Corn Hokke


1. OWA: problem accessing calenders in public folders

We have two types of public folders, with email messages, and with calenders
to schedule resources such as conference rooms.

When users connect via OWA, the email message public folders are fine, but
when you select a calender public folder, it immediately opens up the user's
calender, and not the one for that's shared in the public folder.  In some
cases, it will go to the user's calender and then just completely lock up
the web browser (Netscape or IE).

This is the case on our live server, and I tried this on a test system
getting the same result.  Is anyone familar with the problem or a fix for
the problem... is it a known issue?

Please let me know, TIA.

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