Die notes die

Die notes die

Post by Fredrick Ackoure » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

We just went through a one year beta of notes 4.0.  After much frustration
with its scripting language and its inability to interface other
applications we deceided not to install it company wide.  

Notes did however have some nice features.  One of the most used features
by our beta workgroup was a discussion database.  Can someone give me some
suggestions for implementing the same type service (discussion database)
over our company intranet using Exchange.  Your input would be much

Fred Ackourey


1. EX server dies when Internet dies


We have an Exchange server on our network which transfers mail internally,
across a T1 to a branch office, and deliver mail from the internet.  Last
week we lost our Internet connection because Ameritech decided to rearrange
some wiring at the poll.  Once the connection was lost our Exchange server
obviously stopped delivering mail from the Internet but it also lagged out
when transferring mail internally.  We adjusted our routes to point across
the T1 to the internet and it started working again, but was very slow and
caused clients to drop.

My question:

First of all, why does Exchange die when it cant find an external mail
source.  I would think that Exchange would be smart enough to see the lost
connection but still be able to internally function normally.  I installed
wins so that it wouldn't need a DNS server for local stuff.  I cant think of
anything else to fix this.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Brian Byrnes

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