Invalid Parameter, Resource conflict

Invalid Parameter, Resource conflict

Post by rere » Wed, 13 Nov 2002 06:48:13

Hello every one,
When I click (in outlook 2000) Tools, Options, References,
Calendar Options, Resource Scheduling, and try to check
the mark next to Automatically accept meeting requests,
and the Do not allow conflit meetings.
outlook give me an error message "can not complete
command, invalid paramater"!!
From which ever client or user same error and it is
allowing conflict meeting requests! couldn't find anythign
related to this error message
please help me

1. NTBACKUP - invalid parameter?

Hi Folks,
havng diligently read the entire MS Exchange Disaster Recovery Part 1
document, I seem to be having a wee problem running the actual back up

In the manual, it's.....

ntbackup backup DS \\SERVERNAME1 IS \\SERVERNAME1 /v /d "SERVERNAME1
IS-DS" /b /t

Unfortunately, my server name is "MY SERVER 1", spaces and all, which
the backup command doesn't seem to like. I've tried encapsulating the
\\MY SERVER 1 in single and double quotes, but it still I receive the
invalid parameter message. I'm sure this is a syntactical error, but I
just can't seem to figure it out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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