Security Groups vs Distribution Groups

Security Groups vs Distribution Groups

Post by Marc Fletche » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know of any problems with using Security Groups (mail enabled)
as Distribution Lists ???

I have set this up and the mail seems to go into a black hole !!


1. Security Group Vs Distribution Group

This is regarding Exchange 2000. I'm sorry if this is not right site.

What is the exact difference between Security Group and Distribution Group.
What implications does it have in connection to Exchange 2000 ? Is this
design phase very critical ?

I came across one situation:

I have Engineering group. We initially created this is Global Security
Group. It has members on it. And it has e-mail address too.

So, when people send the mail it goes to all its members.

( I don't know , we should have done this as distribution group.  ???)

Now I have one guy who needs to be in this security group but he should not
be in this e-mail distribution.

The reason being simple, he needs to access some of the folders in file
server and some other reasons he needs to be in this group. But, when
management sends out e-mail to this engineering group, he should not get
that e-mail. He will have Exchange 2000 e-mail address thou....

Is two group with same name is required - like "Engineering" - security
group and "Engineering" Distribution group ? OR is this still lagging
technical refinements in Exchange 2000 ? I mean is there some sort of this
stuffs coming in Exchange 4000 ? Where you can simply exclude him as per
distribution of e-mail goes ?

How to handle this situation ?

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