local outlook not accepting domain password from users

local outlook not accepting domain password from users

Post by mark » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 06:22:11

Hello all, we are running Windows 2000/Active Directory
and Exchange 2000 server. It has been up and running for
months now and everything has worked fine. Recently i
started deploying some new compaq machines with Windows XP
on them to some employees. They can log on to the domain
fine with their current usernames and passwords. Once I
set up their outlook and try to open it up, it asks for a
username, password, and domain. These should be exactly
what they use to log on to the network and it will not
take them. I can go to a different machine running XP, and
set up their profiles and it gets in fine. I then reboot
the exchange server and it starts working for a few days
and then starts happening again!! What is going on?

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Hi! We have a problem with synchronise domain password with local passwords
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We are using Windows 2000 / XP with Outlook2k on the clients and Windows
2000 Server SP2, Exch2K SP2 on the server. Our File / Print server is a
Netware 5.1 server and for that reason we have Netware Client Version 4.8 on
the XP's and the latest version for W2K's.

I found an article on MS Technet (Q148420) but it did not solve my problem.

Does anyone have a clue?


Jon Laurendz

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