Distribution List Delivery Restrictions Bug

Distribution List Delivery Restrictions Bug

Post by Michael Har » Wed, 19 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I cannot get the Delivery Restrictions for a Distribution List that uses a
Custom Recipient with an SMTP address to work.  If the CR Address is an MS
Mail Address or if I assign the
SMTP Address as a Proxy to an Exchange Mailbox then it works.

I'm using Exchange 5.0 server with NT 4.0 all latest Service Packs.
Michael J Hart


1. Distribution Lists and Delivery Restrictions

Keep in mind two points.

1.  Changes made to dl's on one server DO need to replicate to the rest.

2. Any permission changes may take up 120 minutes to take effect due to
caching of information store by the directory, and the default refresh
interval of 120 minutes.


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